Green Tea (HT02)


45g (0.5gm X 90)

Green Tea, Matcha, Chaga Mushroom


Originated from Shizuoka, Japan, our Green Tea has a sweet mellow taste and with the added Matcha, it leaves a faint matcha fragrance lingering in the mouth after drinking. Powdered packaging for easy carrying, suitable for drinking daily.

Recommended Use:

Three packs a day. Suggested for the best taste, each bag brews with 150cc boiled water (about 80°C).

Important Notice:

1. Please read the product label carefully before consumption.

 2. If discomfort arises after consuming, stop and consult a physician.

 3. This product is made of natural raw materials, slight color differences are normal and safe for consumption.

 4. Best used within six months after opening box.

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