Conditions improved by Nefful Negative Ion Clothing:


A.L.S   ADD   ADHD   Allergies   Alzheimer’s   Anxiety Disorder   Arthritis   Asthma   Atlethe's Feet   Autism   Autoimmune Disorders - MS, Lupus, IBS, Crohn’s Disease

Back Pain / Aches / Sciatica Nerve Pain   Brain Injury

Cancer   Cardiovascular Disease   Cerebral Palsy   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome             Chronic Pain   Constipation

Depression   Diabetes

Eczema   Endometriosis   Epilepsy   Eye Disease

Fatty Liver   Fribromyalgia

Gastric Ulcer   Gout

Hearing Loss   Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Improved Blood Circulation   Incontinence   Infertility   Insomnia


Kidney Disease- Renal Pelvis Nephritis, Kidney Stones, Uremia.

Liver Disease - Hepatitis, Liver cancer

Menstrual Pain   Migraine


Pain – Muscular / Joints / Frozen Shoulder   Parkinson's Disease   Piles / Hemorrhoids   Pneumonia   Polio   Prostate Problem

Rheumatoid Arthritis   Roussy-Levy-Syndrome

Sleep Apnea   Spondylitis   Stroke   Stomach Pain / Irritable Bowel Syndrome             Skin Problems

Thyroid Issues

Weight Issues


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John & Dr. Norma Tomlinson, share their story about the positive effects of Negative Ion Clothing and how it has changed their lives. John was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. His neurologist informed him that he had inherited an incurable disease from his father called Roussy-Levy-Syndrome (similar to Parkinson's). 


An American lawyer with diabetes share his gradual health improvements as he slowly added more Nefful items that helped his pain, numbness and improved his eyesight.



Two elderly ladies sharing about their improved energy levels, muscle stiffness, pain, improved eyesight, blood pressure and urinary controls.


A heart patient with diabetes and kidney failure on his accelerated wound healing and eyesight improvement, as well as his wife who improved from a severe stroke and was paralysed. Another man with psoriasis also shared on his improvement in the same video.


Compilation of testimonials from users in USA.


Multiple healing testimonials (Mandarin).


Madam Feng from Taiwan who initially could not walk, recovered from degenerative arthritis disease without surgery.