Commonly Asked Questions

1. What are Negative Ions and where are they found?

Negative ions are naturally occurring, odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules. Scientifically they are atoms with one or more electrons. Negative ions can be found in places of nature such as waterfalls, beaches, countrysides and pine forests. Ionic research from leading institutions, along with 5,000 worldwide studies, unanimously concur that negative ions are beneficial for us and positive ions are not.

2. What health benefits do Negative Ions provide?

Wearing Nefful clothes surround you with negative ions beneficial to your health. Exposure to an abundant amount of negative ions has been shown to enhance three essential areas; enhance oxygen utilization, improve mental concentration, and raise levels of alertness. Consequential health benefits of negative ions also include the easing of pain, increase metabolism, elevate moods, encourage blood circulation, enhance our immune system, and help regulate our autonomic nervous system. In addition, Nefful clothes protect against harmful transmission of positive ions protecting you anytime, anywhere.

For example, Gout is usually caused by blood acidification, when acid substances deposit in joints in a crystal state, which result in joint swelling and pain. After the body is in contact with negative ions for some time, the content of calcium ions in the blood will tend to normalize gradually. Blood will gradually become more alkaline, thus cleansing the blood and lessening symptoms of gout.

3. What is Negative Ion clothing and what makes it unique?

Negative ion clothings are made with a special fibre called Teviron and Neoron with the unique ability to generate negative ions through friction with skin or other materials.

4. How do the Teviron and Neoron fibres make the clothing unique?

1. Excellent heat insulation – tested to be 2 times warmer than wool and 3 times warmer than cotton (using equal weight of tested materials)

2. Superior water permeability – zero liquid absorption wicks moisture away from the body

3. Safety – recognized as a fire retardant product

4. Health – generates negative ions that provide health benefits

5. What types of products are available?

We provide several different combinations of Teviron and Neoron supports, undergarments, accessories, shapewear, bedding and outerwear with various shapes, sizes, and colors. Please refer to our ONLINE SHOP or CONTACT US for more details.

6. How do the fibres “recharge”?

The fibres “recharge” through proper washing. The natural law of attraction means that the negative ions on the fibres will attract positive ions through our skin. The positive ions that are absorbed onto the fibres can be cleansed away when washed. The fibres therefore becomes negative again and ready to absorb positive ions.

7. Is it safe for long term use and are there any known side effects?

Nefful negative ion clothings have been in existence since 1956 and although some people may experience detoxification effects such as more pain, soreness or rashes, this is only temporary and will go away within 1-3 weeks. Japanese molecule rectification professor, Akaba Yoshio, said that not every person had improvement responses, as people whose health was good may not have a reaction, and those who did suffer were usually not well to begin with. 

Unlike drugs or supplements that can cause side effects, negative ion clothing is worn on the outside and can improve health in a totally non-invasive way. However, improvement reactions are different with each person and some experience more intense reactions than others while others feel nothing. If a person cannot tolerate the reaction, they may remove the negative ion clothing, then wear it again after their symptoms disappear. After several such alternations, improvement responses will disappear spontaneously. It may take continuous exposure to negative ion clothing to improve the reaction, so do not worry if you experience temporary symptoms.

Symptoms may vary and involve different factors. Since blood circulates throughout the entire body, it is best to wear a set of negative ion clothing which covers the whole body, and also increase water intake by about 3000cc per day.

8. Can you have too much Negative Ions?

No, since we are constantly exposed to positive ions, we need a significant amount to counter its harmful effects.

9. Is Negative Ion clothing suitable for all ages and pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Nefful clothing is safe and beneficial even for newborn babies, breastfeeding mothers and women during pregnancy and will not harm the fetus and may also assist in proper fetus development as the mother's immune system is boosted. Nefful clothing is also suitable for the elderly as it can improve on the ageing symptoms and can help all ages attain good health. It has even been known to help animals recover from illnesses and injuries. CONTACT US for testimonials.

10. Can Negative Ion clothing help with weight loss?

Negative ions activate cells, encourage blood circulation, and metabolism so not only will waste not accumulate, but obesity will decrease. As toxins also cling on to fat cells so the less toxins one has = the less fat cells.

11. Can Negative Ion clothing improve sleep quality?

Our sleep is controlled by parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system. Negative ions regulates any dysfunctional parasympathetic nerves so wearing Nefful clothes will likely improve your sleep quality and also decrease frequent night urination as reported by most users.

12. Ionic Generators vs. Negative Ion Clothing – Which is better for us?

Ionic generators can produce several negative ions to improve the air quality of the living space it is installed for, however, there are many problems associated with these electrically driven devices, which include: foul odor, maintenance, cost of replacement parts, loud noise, harmful ozone and immobility. The drawbacks are vast in number, and little in benefit. Motor tools used in ionic generators are expensive and require frequent maintenance (every two to three years). In a quiet indoor environment, the fan of ionic generators produces loud disturbing noises. Mechanical deficient generators can cause harmful gases such as ozone which can be detrimental to body cells and functions. Lastly, ionic generators are not mobile.

Nefful's remarkable fabric which lasts for decades if properly maintained, gives equivalent if not better negative ion effectiveness compared to ionic generators. And most importantly, it is safe for the whole family and we can wear it anytime, anywhere.

13. Are there any special washing instructions?

Yes. Nefful clothes are unique in that it will ALWAYS generate negative ions as long as the fibres are kept clean.

Simply follow these instructions - CARE INSTRUCTIONS

14. How do I buy it and can I get a 20% discount?

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