Awards & Certification

Okochi Award (1959)

The Okochi Memorial Foundation was established in 1954 to commemorate the late Dr Masatoshi Okochi’s services to society and industries.

In accordance with his wish, the Okochi Memorial Foundation Prize was established to recognize notable contributions in the areas of production engineering, production technology research and development, and the implementation of high level production methods in Japan.

Teviron received the prize in 1959 in recognition for its superiority as a fibre that can generate negative ions.

Onshi Invention Award (1960)

The late Emperor Hirohito awarded the Onshi Invention Award to Teijin for the contribution of Teviron improving the health of Japanese citizens, including victims from the aftermath of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II.

Chemistry Technological Award (1961)

The Chemistry industry of Japan recognized the highly complex and innovative production process of Teviron and awarded the Chemistry Technological Award to Teijin in 1961.

To this day, every single piece of Teviron product is still only made in Japan and not outsourced to any other low cost countries.

This ensures the highest standard of quality for all Teviron based negative ion clothing.

Oeko-Tex ® Association–certified


Oeko-Tex ® Association test against >100 parameters:

  • - Substances prohibited by law

  • - Substances regulated by law

  • - Currently known to be harmful to health, even if the law does not prohibit/regulate these substances

Test items include: formaldehyde, pesticides, extractable heavy metals, carcinogenic dyes, chlorinated organic carriers, as well as preservatives containing pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenol.